A time comes to stand together

I am not a declared Democrat or a declared Republican. I am an American that just wants to be proud of the president that I voted for, to not have to make excuses for his arrogance, his ignorance, or his indifference to the reality of all the bitterness and hatred, and the division of the American people. It shouldn’t matter what the color of your skin is or the heritage of your family tree. The Pledge of Allegiance says quite clearly “one nation, under God.” The politics of our government the last few years have done nothing but bring division of our great country and has placed hatred above love.

The pandemic of COVID-19 as well as the mishandling of it has ravaged the lives of so many people. It was way past time for positive action to be taken, not only to erase the hate and to close the divisive gap between all peoples in this country, but finally to listen to the experts, and to get this deadly virus under some sort of management. I think that it is so awesome that a woman got elected vice president. I don’t care what color her skin is. On Aug. 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. Now, 100 years later, a woman is a heartbeat away from becoming president of the United States.

Over 149,000,000 people cast their vote this year, the most ever in history. Today the voice of the American people was heard. And that voice was loud and clear and said, “We must all stand together.” It is time for this country to be at peace and to heal.

Jeffrey W. Comley, St. Joseph

Trust remains essential to politics

A few weeks ago, someone wrote to the editor about re-watching “The West Wing” which, coincidentally, I was also doing. Last night, I watched a documentary episode which blended clips from episodes with interviews with real West Wing personnel including former presidents, press secretaries, advisors, a presidential secretary, a speechwriter and a secretary of state. I urge you to watch the whole episode which Netflix lists as Season 3, Episode 19. It was inspirational and comforting to hear these people talk about their dedication to their jobs and to share their close up views of our real government in action.

If you do not have time to watch the whole thing (but I hope you do), forward to minute 38 and watch former presidential advisor David Gergen. In case you don’t have time or access, here is what he said about trust in politics. “Many people no longer believe this, but trust remains the coin of the realm in politics. A president who is trusted by the people, by the Congress, by the press, by foreign countries is a president who can get a lot of good things done. You break that trust, you violate that trust, everything else tumbles around you.”

I found this succinct and significant in our current political atmosphere. I have confidence that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can rebuild the trusts that have been broken and get a lot of good things done. So, whether or not you voted for them, I hope you can support them and trust them to do right by all of us.

Margaret Dreesmann, St. Joseph