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There is always someone who

can stop an abuse of power

Things haven’t really changed much since the beginning of time. The powerful and rich have always been in the lead, and the middle class and poor have always paid for it, one way or another. But you can’t blame anyone but yourself because you won’t do anything to put a stop to it.

If you don’t believe me, look back on history. Now we have a man who is running things like Hitler, placing people in key positions, or helping them get it, who will bend to his will and who is changing things so they are always in his favor. Nothing can be done to people who are breaking laws.

There is always someone in the position to put a stop to it. Laws and constitution mean nothing to him and his people. I am not saying this because of any politics in any way. The truth is there — just take a long look. If you don’t, I feel sorry for you.


St. Joseph

Don’t sell the Krug Park animals

and quit tearing up the Parkway

I think the City of St. Joseph needs to find a new Parks & Recreation director and head of maintenance. To get rid of the Bison at Krug Park is wrong! They’ve been there for years and one of the main reasons people drive through Krug Park.

Also,, Southwest Parkway is in bad shape because of the four-wheel drive truck drivers who love to drive through this one particular spot when it’s muddy. The Parkway is torn up on both sides. It really makes our Parkway look bad. We have a beautiful Parkway and it should not be ruined in this way!

Jobeth Frakes

DeKalb, Missouri