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Who will cover the costs of babies

born due to ban on abortions?

Missouri legislators have voted to make abortion a crime. They have acted, we are told, to protect the unborn. The unborn will, soon enough, be the newborn. Will these protectors get busy with further necessary protections?

Will they revise and protect Medicaid so that any women without adequate resources and required by law to carry a child to term, will have the best of prenatal and post-partum care?

And will that Medicaid assistance continue for this protected child’s growing years, so that the mother will be able to continue with her care and protection? Will these legislators make sure that nutrition programs like WIC, “food stamps” and school lunches are robust, and that mothers of these children are fully informed of the help available to them?

Will the women who were prohibited from obtaining an abortion be helped with ongoing health issues and concerns like contraception and cancer screenings?

Shall we mention other important needs like preschool, child care and living wage for working mothers?

Protection does not end with birth, or with a moral victory, or a single law passed.

Thomas Russell

St. Joseph