Past cuts

haunt Missouri

Missouri gets more dollars back for residents and government operations than the tax dollars we send to Washington. We rank 17th out of 50 in the “overall federal dependency rating.” Other states’ federal tax dollars help keep Missouri afloat!

Missouri taxes have always been low, but Republicans cut them again in 2017 — based on the “trickle down” myth. Rich people and corporations would use their “new wealth” to create taxpaying jobs, decreasing the need for Missouri’s ‘safety-net’ services.

When this didn’t happen — rather than restore taxes — Missouri’s lawmakers cut social services, higher education and infrastructure — before COVID-19 hit. For example, Missouri ranked 45th out of 50 “in per capita state fiscal support” for higher education in 2016 but had sunk to 46th out of 50 by 2019.

Now, the legislature is adopting next year’s budget — taking additional “whacks” out of education and the social services Missourians so desperately need — especially those who recently lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

I hope that Congress passes another COVID-19 package ASAP that sends dollars to states for government services. And I pray that when they decide how to distribute the funds, Washington doesn’t punish us for taking more than our fair share of federal dollars in the past!

Jane Frick

St. Joseph

Use your brain,

and stay safe

I know I have a 10% chance of surviving COVID-19. That’s because of my health risks. Thank God I haven’t got it, that I know of.

My message to all Americans is this. This is just the first round. Without testing for everyone, we just don’t know. Where there is testing it’s out of control. That’s a fact! You can be a carrier without symptoms that you could spread to family and friends unintentionally. So please be smarter than the gun-toting protesters in Michigan, the people in California yelling at newsmen “they don’t need a mask” so they can go to the beach.

I haven’t seen my family in weeks because I have to work (essential business). I do not want to be the reason they might get it. My point, I understand protesters, not the methods they use. Use your brain that God gave you. I think all protesters ought to be put on buses and shipped to hot spots around the country to help medical heroes on the front lines.

They won’t mind, they tell you they can’t get COVID-19. One more thing, a second or third wave will be worse than this wave. Stay safe.

William G. Moran

Savannah, Missouri