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Thoughts and prayers aren’t enough

Thoughts and prayers are rather ineffective in preventing massacres, mass shootings and evil people from killing innocents. They may be well-meaning after the gruesome fact, but ineffective in preventing murders by people who are full of anger and hate. Please, pro-gun legislators in every state and in Congress, get backbones. Hopefully not when, maybe just if, your children or grandchildren may be slaughtered because guns are so easily available, will you then be able to find your spines and souls.

Leanne Murray

St. Joseph

Too many guns, not enough laws

A painful irony has been revealed to America’s children this month. Made to be the prized possession of freedom in the womb, they become its collateral damage out of it. As the body count rises, the notion that pro-life and pro-gun ideologies can live in harmony becomes more absurd by the decade.

“But,” you may argue, “if there were more guns our children would be safer.” This assertion crumples under the weight of the fact that the United States already leads the world (by a sizable margin) in per capita gun ownership. There are guns aplenty. What’s lacking are sane laws to ensure their responsible retail and ownership. As long as this is true, the sentiment behind the “right to life” gets no further than the maternity ward.

We must awaken from our John Wayne fever dream and stare the truth in the face. Common sense legislation that allows gun ownership while promoting safe communities is possible. If our nation can’t rise to the occasion, our resource centers will need to start handing out flak jackets along with formula.

Trevor Callaway

St. Joseph

GOP should question Ukraine aid

The other day, on FOX News, I heard former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen chastise Sen. Rand Paul for simply asking for an accounting of the $40 billion we are sending to Ukraine and perhaps pulling the money from the Defense Budget so that accountability would be easier.

“How dare any Republican question sending money to Ukraine!”

It is disgusting to hear these RINOs from the past that are part of the “military industrial complex” President Eisenhower warned us against, part of the Bush war propaganda that lied about “weapons of mass destruction” so George W. could finish “daddy’s war.” Remember then Secretary of State Colin Powell standing at the UN holding a vial of laundry detergent, calling it an Iraqi chemical weapon? Now you have RINOs talking constantly about Russia perhaps using nuclear weapons. There is no evidence for that belief. Even British PM Boris Johnson downplays that.

To be a successful political party, the GOP will need more leaders like Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and less of the phony chicken-hawks like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Karl Rove, Marc Thiessen, Lindsey Graham or basically anyone associated with the Bush family.

David Hurst

St. Joseph

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