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Good deed did not go unnoticed

The last time I was inspired to write a letter to the editor it involved writing about Forrest Peden who was a WWII Hero from St. Joseph. My son and I discovered his story while visiting the WWII museum in New Orleans.

Today, I’ve been inspired to write about a new set of heroes that includes St. Joseph police officers Joe Herrera, Matt Biggs and Wyatt Laipple.

One of my daughters recently graduated from eighth grade at St. Paul Lutheran School. The graduation was held in a parking lot and the families attended while sitting in their vehicles.

The graduation was topped off with a car parade led by the police officers up Interstate 29, down the Belt Highway and back across Frederick Boulevard to the school. These officers went above and beyond to create a memorable experience for the kids and families. The smiles generated on the parade route were priceless.

Also, the officers were quite patient in sitting through a graduation program for more than an hour listening to parents honk their horns as a replacement for clapping!

In watching these officers lead the parade it was a great reminder of all the “good” in the world that is so often overlooked by our media. This good deed by the St Joseph Police Department won’t make any headlines in the newspaper, but I want them to know that it did make a lasting and memorable headline in the minds of these 2020 graduates. Well done, guys!

Mark Macrander

St. Joseph