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Trump is an international laughingstock

The world leadership and the integrity of the United States have been on a downward spiral ever since our zenith after WWII. Our blind devotion to military power has choked our sense of decency. Our national paranoia leading to ill-advised lengthy and deadly wars, our hubristic sense of exceptionalism, and our special brand of capitalism have combined to lower our international esteem.

Worse yet, they have combined to give us President Donald Trump.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m proud to be a American. Beneath our warrior veneer throbs a giving national heart. Over the last three years, that giving empathetic American soul has taken on an ugly countenance thanks to Trump.

Combative, crude, rude, beast-like, he is the face of America. Dropping out of international programs, fuming over the media, calling all non-adoring news fake, lying repeatedly, sloganizing politics, and butchering science and logic, this infantile madman has made our once heroic country into an international laughingstock.

His worshippers wave the flag and think we can circle the wagons and stand alone. We can’t.

Robert Stuber M.D.

St. Joseph

Look at who did what throughout history

Having voted in 13 presidential elections, it amazes me that all of them were elected by the Electoral College, therefore it must carry some weight in the election process.

We can argue forever who was good, bad, even the worst, but we’d never come to an agreement. Have you ever seen a president attacked the day after the election, lead by the other party and the media?

He didn’t win the popular vote, but he won the Electoral college vote. He’s our president. If Hillary Clinton had won the same way, not a word would have been said.

Since that didn’t work, so let’s bend the law a little and start with Russia gate. Remember this — ”After my election I have more flexibility”? Since that fell flat, how about a rear attack of Impeachment, lacking truth or proof.

Do any of you remember that we’ve had two presidents who dealt with China (tech secrets) but now it’s Trump fault? This mess just didn’t happen over the last three years. Look at history, study it, who did what, then make up an honest decision.

What I feel is amazing, talking to college-age students, they are finally realizing what our government is doing to their future, via corruption and spending. They’re not happy.

Ben Pecora

St. Joseph

More gardens this year due to virus

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again — I always enjoy Mike Hanrahan’s letters.

They tell a story, and remind us of the good old days. His letter in the May 20 News-Press reminded me of growing up on 40th Street in St. Joe.

At that time, it was outside the city limits, and we had to get to 33rd Street and Mitchell Avenue to ride the city bus so there weren’t many trips Downtown for us.

There were no streetlights on 40th Street back then, so we knew when the lightning bugs arrived, we had best be high-tailing it home.

Grandma lived with us, and she always had a huge garden and there were always lots of canned vegetables and fruit in the pantry.

I expect there will be many more gardens this year due to the virus ... and when this has passed, we’ll all be glad just to hug our friends and relatives!

Gayle Sollars

St. Joseph