Don’t give up on Missouri Western

Having attended a long-established eastern university (Syracuse), I became well aware of the development of distinguished campus buildings, often financed by highly successful alumni.

Later, living in Milwaukee, I got to enjoy the gradual expansion of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a very successful institution.

Then, in St. Joseph, I’ve been able to enjoy the expansion of a small, two-year institution that took over a former high school — and THEN changed its name, eventually, to Missouri Western State University, and rose to importance — and considerable prominence — as a state university with many interesting schools offering educations in many interesting and valuable courses.

Here are some suggestions for making it continue to happen.

1. Let’s go all out with a full-fledged, enthusiastic program, possibly with a highly successful fundraiser in charge, one who will organize an enthusiastic group of never-give-up volunteers.

2. Ask MWSU business alumni to solicit others in their own fields, not only locally but around the country.

3. Recruit local business leaders (Chamber of Commerce members, et al.) to solicit fellow leaders in other communities throughout the country, and perhaps in other countries too.

Let’s make this an all-out, never-give-up campaign.

Let’s not forget that the many members of the university staff — and the students — add a considerable amount to the financial sources of the whole community. Do we really want them to fade into the mist — on their way to other cities and/or colleges where they will be happily received?

Eileen Lockwood

St. Joseph