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President should have planned for virus outbreak

The words are easy — wash your hands, cover your mouth and nose, don’t get to close to other people and stay at home if possible. Beat this virus, it’s a killer. The president and officials were warned since early in 2020 and blew it. They had time to prepare and didn’t. That word is choice — or responsibility, if you prefer.

Testing gives us data (information). The best plans are based on good, scientific information. But we have only tested 1% of the population. How much information is that? Our president said, “You want a test, you can get a test.” Not for COVID-19, you can’t, just for the asking. Where is that place he is talking about? Notice how vague that information is?

“We, the people of the United States,” are entitled to: 1) COVID-19 testing available at physicians’ offices and other sites; 2) public affairs presentations on all TV stations about this and how to cope; and 3) interviews with Sens. Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley and Rep. Sam Graves, plus his primary challengers about this subject.

We do not have a great deal of trust with President Donald Trump — the person with 17,000 lies and misleading statements in three years to his credit; the third impeached president of the United States; the person who said, “I do not accept responsibility for any of this” not so long ago. Well, if he does not accept responsibility for what happened during his tenure, should he get another term?

After all, I taught my children how to wash their hands, cover their mouth and nose, etc. long before they went to school. Surely a president can plan for “his” nation?

Helen Brock-Thurston

St. Joseph