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Not everyone has access

to a computer

The plan described in the recent edition of the newspaper is very concerning to many of your loyal customers (I think). I, for one, do not own a computer or any device capable of receiving the News-Press in the proposed digital format.

Would the newspaper do a survey of customers who have access to a digital format with which to view the newspaper? Even with libraries having computers, it is not always easy or convenient to leave home to view daily, or even the three days weekly that there is no production of paper copies.

I often read the newspaper, then put it down and do some task or another, and then read some more of the newspaper. Many folks have trouble getting out of their home or have no transportation to get to a place for computer/other resource for reading daily news.

Please reconsider the change of format. Customers of the News-Press may be persuaded to perhaps miss one day of the paper copy but not three.

Shelly Perkins

Savannah, Missouri