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Stoplights are

a safer idea

for Downtown traffic

The city of St. Joseph wants to expand and bring traffic to the Downtown and Riverfront areas. Yet, they want to remove viable stoplights for stop signs.

Do we want to be a city that moves traffic and people safely, or do we want a small-town atmosphere where we nod or give a hand gesture for someone to turn at a four-way stop?

If there were a catastrophe that people had to be removed from the Downtown area quickly, there would be complete chaos without traffic lights.

Lights can be regulated to be one color and move heavy traffic, whether it be a concert, a theater performance, fireworks display or a dreaded panic situation. People’s lives are at stake in those moments.

Our police are thinly stretched or we would have more presence on the Belt Highway. The stoplights are here. There is only the cost of upkeep. Make them work for the people.

Patricia Elder

St. Joseph