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June is the time

to get outside

June is a secluded meadow ablaze with colorful wildflowers, and hidden patches of wild strawberries. It is a deep blue sky speckled with fluffy white clouds. It is warm sunshine warming the skin, and a gentle breeze dancing through fields of wheat.

It is the song of a meadowlark from a weathered fence post, and the sharp whistle of a bobwhite hidden in the tall grass. June is alive with new life, ever-hungry fledglings in the nest, baby foxes scampering about their den, and spotted fawns frolicking with the simple joy of being alive.

June is the aroma of newly cut grass and backyard barbecues, the fun of outdoor picnics. It is the laughter of children chasing after lightning bugs, and the melancholy song of the whippoorwill.

The essence of the month is captured in James Whitcomb Riley’s “Knee Deep in June.” His pen captures the beauty and tranquility of the month. Easily found on the internet, it is a nostalgic verse of a time when life was simpler and folks were more in tune with nature.

As Riley writes, June is a time to “jes’ get out and rest, an not work at nothin’ else”. Put aside the cellphone and video games. Go outside and immerse yourself in nature. With a little luck, you might stumble across a patch of those wild strawberries!

Mike Hanrahan

Cameron, Missouri