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Corps cares more about

recreational lake upstream

Over the centuries our world has lost many interesting species. The dodo comes readily to mind, also the woolly mammoth, the saber-toothed tiger and the dire wolf. Thinking further into the past, gone are the Pterodactyls, the Stegosaurus and, thank God, the T. Rex.

Some conservationists, who would probably bring back the T. Rex if they could, are very worried about the survival of the pallid sturgeon, a holdover from the age of dinosaurs. This fish swims in the Missouri River and survival of this fish is of more concern to conservationists than the lives and welfare of people living along the Missouri. They want to ensure the survival of this fish by controlling the water flow from Gavin’s Point dam to suit the life cycle of the sturgeon. They seem to think something awful will happen if this species is lost.

Conservationists and the pallid sturgeon are just small fry in this fiasco of flooding engineered by the Army Corps of Engineers. Maintaining the water level of their recreational lake and the Gavin’s Point dam is their main goal. The people, the towns, the farms along the Missouri River, the river itself and all the fish in it are as nothing compared to maintaining the recreational lake and dam. Be warned, they will do anything to keep the lake and dam no matter what flooding occurs.

This flooding does not have to happen. We all know the solution to the flooding is to take the lake water level down when the Missouri is low, prior to spring rains and snow run off.

The Army Corp of Engineers is fooling no one.

Carol Cornelius

Easton, Missouri

Perhaps we should treat thieves

the same way other countries do

Crime seems to be on the rise, mostly against senior citizens. Many cannot fend for themselves, even if they see the crime being committed right in front of them.

Many are victims of family members who steal them blind and keep returning until there is nothing left to take. Often the crime goes unreported because it was family stealing from a senior and they are afraid to rock the boat. Or, other family members tell them their memory must be slipping and they probably misplaced the items they are claiming to have been taken.

Stealing is wrong and is not an illness as some claim. If it is an illness, put the person in a mental hospital and lose the key of freedom. Better yet do like foreign countries — when a thief is caught they cut off their hands!

Sure has stopped a lot of stealing. It’s kinda hard to take others’ posessions with two stumps at the end of their arms.

Flint Tantlinger

St. Joseph