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There are far too many

guns in this country

Using the heroism of the two men, one with a gun, who help a law officer subdue a prisoner on U.S. Highway 69 to refute those who take “extreme views on the gun debate” is a far reach.

As the News-Press editorial stated, the men could have possibly gotten the incident under control without a gun. What’s more, the prisoner couldn’t have attacked the officer had he been properly secured.

Heartbreakingly, the editorial ran the day when a front-page story reported that a toddler in St. Joseph had been shot and taken to the hospital. The fact is, Good Samaritan stories of armed civilians are rare, while we are assaulted daily by reports of gun shootings and murders.

There are, indeed, far too many guns in this country. People are shot almost daily with stolen guns that were bought by “good guys.”

Those who advocate for fewer guns and fewer people carrying them around knows the facts. In the United States, there are more than three gun deaths per year for every 100,000 people. In countries with effective gun control, shooting deaths are rare. Don’t believe me, the facts are easily available to anyone who cares to check.

Keith Evans

St. Joseph