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School District, Blacksnake Creek

project have something in common

The St. Joseph School District led the voting public to believe that their push for increases in taxes was in order to ensure that our teachers get raises, which they did. A 1 percent raise and a $500 base salary increase for staff and those who labor in the Downtown Office in Administration.

Saving the “big money” for two more Downtown office employees, a second superintendent and an assistant director to be paid over $100,000 per year.

The highly paid director of SJSD news did admit that over $132.1 million already was being collected in revenues before the additional $6.1 million to be drained from homeowners. Bear in mind that we are only educating a little more than 11,000 students, with that number dwindling.

They disgust me mainly by wasting revenue. As a homeowner looking at new assessments this year and forking over money for the St. Joe Folly (the bogus sewer water from the raging Blacksnake dribbling creek), I wonder how much more my budget will tolerate.

As soon as we pay back the $67 million — $68 million if you count the replanting of trees — we will need to really repair our aging and overburdened sewer system. I group both the SJSD and the sewer folly together, as they both stink to high heaven.

Sandra M. Horn

St. Joseph

Beware of scam on computer

Monday morning at approximately 9:15 a.m. I tried to get on Google Chrome on my computer. A big, orange screen flashed up on my screen and blocked my computer. It said to call 888-963-9126.

I called and the lady said someone was trying to get in to my financial records. After 20 or 30 minutes of her talking about how she would help me, I would owe them $890. I banged the receiver down on the phone.

If anyone gets a call like this, beware.

John Richey

Country Club, Missouri