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Be proud of what the U.S. is and represents

Recently “we the people” are being told how “bad” we are, that we support injustice and inequality. Despite isolated incidents, this is untrue. We are good people living in a great nation.

When there is a disaster, anywhere in the world, we are the first to respond with substantial aid. We do so without regard to ethnicity, creed, political ideology or skin color. At times we are the only nation to respond.

We provide more benefits to our poor than any other nation. We provide the best health care in the world. We operate programs to assist those with developmental disabilities, mental illness, physical disabilities and illegal drug addiction.

As individuals and as corporations we contribute enormous sums to charity. We operate food pantries, affordable housing, heating and cooling assistance to those in need. We care for one another.

The United States is the destination of choice for people all over the world. There is a reason they wish to come here, and it is not because we are “bad” people.

We are good people. Do not listen to those wishing to shame us or fill us with guilt. We do not deserve that treatment. Be proud of who we are and what we represent.

Mike Hanrahan

Cameron, Missouri

Why aren’t all killings protested?

At the insistence of the Persisterhood-St. Joseph, I have decided to speak out, not be quiet, about racism.

At times it seems the only Black lives that matter are the ones taken by white police officers. On June 19, a 32-year-old Black man, Danzeria O. Farris Jr. was killed by black rapper Hurricane Chris, according to police records from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Where is the BLM movement on this horrendous taking of a black man’s life? All Black lives matter, no matter who takes them. Let’s get some consistency and get together in Shreveport to protest this senseless taking of a Black life. BLM should be walking in the streets and calling attention to this tragic event.

Bet it will not happen. Why?

John Byrne

St. Joseph

True patriots needed

Hey, Republicans and President Donald Trump supporters, are you tired of winning yet? Our American way of life is being systematically destroyed.

The election process, Voice of America, federal prosecutor firings, judge appointments by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Trump, Attorney General William Barr, and all the Republicans are aiding and abetting this process.

These people do not care about the Constitution! They don’t want you to have a voice. They want complete power over you.

Where are the true patriots? I’ll tell you. It’s the leakers (there will be lots after today), voters (you) and the Democrats. Senior adviser to the president Stephen Miller is a white supremacist (look it up). He is Trump’s right-hand man. Listen to what he says.

Go ahead, get yours now. All the rest of us need to vote and take someone with you, it’s that important. God Bless America and pray for America. We need God.

William Moran

Savannah, Missouri