Don’t remain silent on issue of racism

Silence in the face of great injustice means agreement with and support for the aggressors. We feel it is important for ALL to speak out about the systemic injustice, which has impacted the black community in all important areas of life: education, employment, housing, financial well-being and most blatantly, treatment by the legal system.

Via video we witnessed the brutal killing of George Floyd by police officers, and he was only one of many victims of such barbarity.

Persisterhood-St. Joseph is committed to social justice and to shaping the future of our country as an inclusive, multicultural democracy where people of all races live without fear of violence or reprisal. We pledge our support to work individually and with local organizations such as: United We Stand- St. Joseph, the NAACP, Saint Joseph United People Promoting Equality of Races, PFLAG-St. Joseph, Our Revolution and MidCity Excellence Center to end the systematic racism and its accompanying white privilege upon which our country operates.

We must not remain silent, but speak out for justice, and in solidarity “Lift Every Voice and Sing”: Black Lives Matter.

Persisterhood Co-facilitators Jane Frick, Brian Kirk, Kelly Lacina, Evelyn McBride, Judy Mullins, Carol Pittman, Janet Pullen, Elizabeth Sawin, Judy Van Vickle, Mary Van Vickle, Diane Waddell and Emily Weese.