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Trump is doing the work of murderous dictators

Every living president of the United States has criticized and condemned President Donald J. Trump for his policies and for his use of U.S. troops on American soil. Even Gens. James Mattis and John Kelly are among the many retired generals and admirals condemning Trump’s actions.

These brilliant men, who led our troops and naval forces against foreign enemies, now recognize Trump for what he truly is — a tyrant and would-be dictator.

Let’s not forget Trump’s admiration of murderous dictators Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Those two wake up every morning and their first thought is how can they destroy America. Their last thoughts at bedtime are the same thoughts.

They should rest easy. Trump is doing their work for them.

John Ray Hoffman

St. Joseph

People should protest all loss of life

Watching TV today is like looking at the worst the world has to offer. Let me be perfectly clear I am not a racist.

To me, all lives matter — black, white, red, brown, whatever color — it’s the deed that should be the judge. Why are people bused in to demonstrate from other cities who don’t know the details?

When was the last looting or protest held when a white policeman was killed by another person, nonwhite? Did I miss those protests?

I think what should be being protested is the killing of a human life — period. George Floyd did have problems from his past, including several arrests.

This has to be up there with the dumbest acts of 2020, but what about the thousands of murders that are taking place? Do away with the police, a real stroke of genius. Better bolt the doors.

Why the looting and destruction, in honoring him? What did those store owners do to him that they should be put out of business by rioters? What about the 17-plus killed during the protests? This, to me, doesn’t show respect for the victim, but further dishonors his memory.

I have no problem with peaceful demonstrations, but when attacks are made on others, stores burned down, looted, people sent to the hospital —how are these people any better than the policeman who killed Floyd? They just run and hide and maybe get back on the bus before being arrested.

Ben Pecora

St. Joseph