Numbers tell the story

If you do your research (using readily available data from official U.S government websites) you will discover that the number of white men killed by police in 2019 was 370 individuals. You also will discover that the number of black men killed by police in 2019 was 235 individuals.

Doing a little more research you will discover that if white men were killed at the same rate as black men there would have been 1,175 white men killed by police in 2019; and if black men were killed by police at the same rate as white men there would have been only 73 dead black men.

If one is concerned about the problems you talk about, one would be actively demanding (as we have been seeing in the tens of thousands of peaceful protester all over this country) that all public officials either take action to correct the problem or send those officials home and find replacements who will listen to the people and take action to rid this nation of the 400 years of racism it has dealt to minorities.

I am a 70-year-old privileged educated white man, born in the South, raised in the Midwest. I have witnessed the repugnant unchristian discrimination against nonwhite U.S. citizens since I was born. I am both embarrassed by these actions and repulsed by those who perpetrate this discrimination.

Ronnie D. Ball

St. Joseph

President wields ‘sword of retrenchment’

When people ask me what happened to Western, I start with President Matthew Wilson. Matt came in with an agenda for esports, lacrosse, Early College Academy, international students, four-day classes and hiring fellow Akronites. His main agenda item, however, had to be landing his next job.

Matt is a big-school guy. Only 16 months into his Akron presidency (19,000 students), Matt leapt at the University of Central Florida president’s opening (66,000 students). His failure to land that role led to his stepping down as Akron president when folks questioned his desire to be there. Soon he became a finalist at Utah Valley (37,000 students), but again came up short.

While teaching in the Akron law school, he became a finalist here. One can only wonder why our Board of Governors believed someone salivating to lead the fourth-largest university in the nation would be the best fit for us. Board members deny knowledge of MWSU reserves being depleted by 2019, but their hiring of Matt suggests otherwise.

“I have got the experience in finance and resources and have turned around program after program,” Matt told the UCF folks. At Western, wielding the “Sword of Retrenchment,” Matt didn’t turn around programs — he beheaded them. Students left. Others will never come.

Prior to hiring Matt, surely our board reviewed his 2018 presentation to the Orlando folks. “Fifteen years ago I made my wife a pledge ... that we would return to Florida one day,” he said. May another big Florida school come calling. Soon.

Dr. Bill Church

St. Joseph

Respect needs to be taught

We must get back to teaching respect. Young people these days don’t respect authority, they don’t respect human lives, they don’t respect our country’s history, they don’t respect the elderly, they don’t respect the American flag, they don’t respect other people’s things.

This needs to be taught in school because, apparently, we cannot rely on parents to teach it. Until we get back to this basic, core of character, we will continue to see our youth struggling in life.

Brigitte Berry

St. Joseph