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Signs America has lost

its moral compass

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that America has lost its moral compass.

All of the presidential candidates of one major party would take the position that it is OK to abort a human baby at all stages of gestation, even after normal birth. To many women it is an issue that only they only can decide. Roe v. Wade, rightly or wrongly provides them that opportunity.

But that may be in for a change soon. The 14th Amendment rights presently being denied babies may trump women’s rights under Roe v. Wade. Noted and respected lawyers are saying it. A recent statement on the internet put it honestly and accurately: “It is a sad day when it is easier to abort an American child than to deport an illegal alien.”

A recent letter writer wondered what the world is coming to. Many of us echo that thought.

The newly appointed CEO for Planned Parenthood was recently fired for wanting Planned Parenthood to become more interested in women’s health. Isn’t that what they are supposed to be about?

Dick Jordan

St. Joseph

Vets need medical aid

more than Congress

Veterans need medical aid more than Congress. Congress members are being paid annually from $174,000 up to $225,000, plus free medical expenses (for them) and their children up to 25 years old. Congress members can well afford to purchase their own medical insurance, plus hospitalization.

Evidently, Congress enacted the Mission Act on June 6, 2019, which is supposed to increase access and quality of care for all veterans, whereas making our veterans wait for health care is highly unacceptable. The community providers (local hospitals) are to be reimbursed by military veterans administrations.

I am an 80-year-old Navy veteran with a four-year active duty honorable discharge and recommendation for re-enlistment. I also have Medicare A and B, which costs me $140 a month. Ambulance service is an expense that needs to be paid for by the Mission Act.

We, the people, definitely need medical aid and hospitalization help more than do our greedy congressional members.

Terrance Hawbaker

Effingham, Kansas