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Pit bulls are wonderful dogs

and deserve a chance

Pit bulls are sweet, intelligent, sensitive, and funny dogs. In the early 1900s, they were called “nanny dogs” because they were known to be faithful, loving and loyal, especially with children.

Every year, tests conducted by the American Temperament Testing Society ( place dogs in a series of confrontational situations to see if there are any signs of panic or unprovoked aggression.

Pit bull type dogs consistently do very well — currently their passing rate is 87.4%, while that of golden retrievers, well-loved family dogs, is 85.6%. This shows that pit bulls are in no way more likely to be aggressive towards people than other breeds and are, in fact, less likely.

“Punish the deed, not the breed” means that breed profiling does not help communities and is, in fact, ineffective, cruel and wastes tax dollars. Dog owners need to socialize their dogs correctly and be held accountable for their actions, rather than a community targeting a specific breed, which often creates undue paranoia.

Pit bulls are wonderful dogs and deserve a chance. They are high energy and do need a home that will give them exercise, but I promise they will be one of the most loyal pets you’ll ever have.

Kelly Petersen

St. Joseph