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Both political parties responsible for growing national debt

It seems fiscal responsibility and real world economics have now been totally abandoned by our federal government.

When Ronald Reagan was president, it took us an entire year to add a $100 million to the national debt. Now they add that much every single day of the year. Both parties are responsible.

It seems the Democrats are leading in the race to spend, based on all the hands that went up in the debate when the questions about spending other people’s money came up. Not only do they want their cake, they want to eat it too, and take the cake from anyone who earned it to give away or eat also.

The Republicans are just now finishing eating their own cake, whether they come after anyone else’s is yet to be seen. But with their love of finding wars to go fight I could see where they are going to need more cake also.

We are now over 20 trillion inflated dollars in debt. If we were Zimbabwe, people would be using our currency for toilet paper, as happened in real life there. The world’s belief that we are fiscally responsible is the only thing preventing it.

Kennan Brockett

St. Joseph

Persisterhood condemns

president’s words

Words matter. A lot. Persisterhood - St. Joseph is committed to social justice and to shaping the future of St. Joseph and our country as an inclusive, multicultural democracy where people of all races live without fear of violence or reprisal.

We join with the U.S. House of Representatives and the multitude of U.S. and world leaders in their condemnation of President Donald Trump’s racist comments. We agree that Trump has “legitimized fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color” as the House condemnation reads.

He is whipping up his base at campaign rallies with speech that encourages “send her back” chants directed to an American citizen and House of Representatives member Ilhan Omar — all because she has the audacity to be female, Muslim, foreign born and critical of the world of fear Trump promulgates. We believe our country is enriched by multiple voices.

Here in St. Joseph, we must speak up publicly against those who mimic and/or acquiesce to Trump’s racist and sexist remarks. Our silence only justifies the continual repression and bullying of new Americans and minorities and women. By speaking up, we empower ourselves and can work toward an inclusive America that reflects the diverse culture and peoples our country has always been.

Jacqueline Filloon Eagan, Jane Frick, Kelly Lacina, Evelyn Mcbride, Judy Mullins, Carol Pittman, Janet Pullen, Elizabeth Sawin, Judy Van Vickle, Mary Van Vickle and Emily Weese

Persisterhood co-facilitators