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City should pay for

drainage pipes

The Stormwater Grant Program should be abolished and the cost of maintaining drainage pipes should be the total responsibility of the city of St. Joseph.

Streets and the drainage grates are maintained by the city. The underground drainage pipes that receive the water from those streets are simply a part of the total infrastructure of the city.

Drainage pipes, which may be in logical places to support the infrastructure, may happen to run under someone’s private property. That someone may have had nothing to do with putting them there or monitoring them. Areas of the city would be flooded without those drainage pipes.

Thus, rather than the City Council debating who should pay what proportion of the cost of that maintenance, the council should simply direct the city manager to include the total cost of that maintenance in the city budget.

Jim Roever

St. Joseph

Different laws would

reduce gun violence

The numbers are shocking: In 2001, Missouri had 13.1 firearm-related deaths for every 100,000 people. In 2017, it had 21.5 per 100,000 people, a 64 percent increase. Missouri now has the sixth-highest gun violence rate in the nation.

Earlier this month, the Regional Gun Violence Consortium published data that spans from 1991 to 2016. The data show Missouri’s gun violence numbers steadily increasing, while many other states have reduced gun violence.

Comparing the impact of multiple laws in multiple states, the consortium was able to identify the types of laws that have the greatest impact in the reduction of gun violence. The consortium suggests gun deaths may be reduced by using comprehensive universal background checks for purchasers of firearms, prohibition of gun ownership for people with histories of violence, and risk protection order laws that allow removal of firearms from an individual who, after due process, is deemed to represent a threat to themselves or others.

The consortium has made the scientific evidence on gun violence incredibly accessible in their policy brief titled “What Are the Most Effective Policies in Reducing Gun Violence?” I hope Missouri legislators are paying attention.

Tara Duckworth

Community Outreach Lead,

St. Joseph Moms Demand Action

St. Joseph