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Editor’s note: Letters concerning the Aug. 4 ballot issues and candidates will be accepted until 5 p.m. Thursday. The last letters on election topics will publish no later than Saturday. Letters should be no longer than 250 words and include a full name, town of residence and a valid daytime phone number.

VanSchoiack will represent us well

On Aug. 4, we select our candidate to represent the Republican Party in the 9th District. Dean VanSchoiack is the best person to represent us.

I’ve known Dean for more than 30 years, and you will not find a better representative for us. His roots run deep in our area and he is one of us. He is a lifelong farmer and businessman, and he knows the issues that face families, farmers and business owners in Andrew and Buchanan counties.

Dean has always given back to the community by serving his church and various civic organizations and is very respected in our community. Join me in voting for a man of honor and integrity to represent us, vote for Dean VanSchoiack on Aug. 4.

Jeff Anslinger

Savannah, Missouri

In defense of not wearing a mask

This is a notice to businesses and jurisdictions: Quarantine of the sick is the proper method of preventing disease and mass restriction of healthy citizens is tyranny.

Therefore, businesses and jurisdictions should be aware that there is a growing number of citizens who will not do business where freedom is snatched from them just before their money is gladly accepted.

A heart-felt thank you is here expressed to businesses and jurisdictions that honor and protect the freedom of the citizens of our land.

Bonnie Coffman

Stewartsville, Missouri

Why do people support Trump?

The person supporters of President Donald Trump voted for in 2016 has paid off porn stars with campaign money. Trump’s action with Turkey allowed them to murder the Kurds, who were our allies. Taken babies from parents at the southern border and did not return them, and ignored Russia’s interference in the 2016 election Russia’s attempt in 2020.

He has Ignored 42 congressional subpoenas. As of July 13, he has told 20,000 lies, false and misleading statements, according to Washington Post reporting. You can google search how many laws Trump has broken since running for and becoming president. He expects Americans to abide by laws, but they don’t apply to him or his gang.

Trump has broken so many laws, it would be laughable that he wants to be known as the “law and order” president if it wasn’t so serious to the Constitution and America. Remember former President Richard Nixon wanted the same thing. How ironic? To Trump people: Why do you hate your life, America, Constitution and the rule of law so much that you support a dictator?

William Moran

Savannah, Missouri