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We need to shut down again for 2 or 3 weeks

I shopped at Walmart today and it made me feel more protected with everyone wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

I find it disturbing that the seriousness of this pandemic has been reduced to an issue of politics vs. medical science. Our scientists and medical professionals are the ones who are more knowledgeable about the situation and are concerned with finding a solution. Politicians are only concerned with their political careers. The United States has a short window of time before schools start to get this pandemic under control. It can be done. Other countries have done it.

Our president, governors and mayors all across the United States need to get on the same page and call for a two- or three-week shutdown with the exception of essential services/businesses. If our country would stay at home — except for essential outings — wear face masks, and wash our hands frequently, this pandemic could have the opportunity to slow down and give time for a vaccine to be approved and many lives could be saved.

If we don’t take some drastic measures in the short term, then the long term looks very frightening. The people we have elected to be leaders need to be leading at this time and not pulling on the reins or straddling the fence.

Peggy Bloss

St. Joseph

Breaking through the political code

I’ve got it figured out! I feel like a cryptologist breaking the political code of just what they’re trying to pull on us commoners, the dumb ones.

After three years of attacks, the light should be shining on the moves being made by both sides of the aisle — the national media, foreign governments and our own money-hungry politicians and their supporters.

The dumbest move they are trying to make is defund police departments. Are you ready to defend yourself if needed? Guess once they put this in place, crime will go away and nobody will be getting shot.

Then there is the constant drumbeat of updates on the COVID-19 numbers, but very little on what we are doing to combat it. Easy fix: Just shut everything down. Close businesses, churches, entertainment and travel. Quarantine them. This certainly will inspire the American people, not depress them.

Allow the destruction of property (businesses) and statues, which most of the protesters have no idea of what they’ve done wrong to be destroyed. Who is paying for busing these people in? And I was raised to believe all lives mattered.

The politicians’ activities remind me of vultures sitting, just waiting to pick the bones (pockets) of those left behind or dead, just waiting to collect the wealth left through taxes. Trust us, we know what’s best.

Blame for COVID-19 is being place on the administration, instead of looking toward China. We are being spoon-fed a bunch of lies by the national media and politicians — smoke and mirrors. Watch my right hand as I pick your pocket with the other one.

How many protesters have been sent to jail for the looting, assaults and destruction of private and government property?

Ben Pecora

St. Joseph