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Many chances to end Roe v. Wade

Reflecting back on the last eight years, I have to say there is strength and determination in pro-choicers, to say the least. The sad thing is that the methods for aborting have changed for the worse.

It is such a heinous act that most Americans do not believe what is taking place. This year has seen a strong push at NATO to make abortion a global right. C-Fam in New York and some very dedicated ambassadors have fought hard against this and so far have kept the vote from passing.

I read where President Trump has stopped the harvesting of baby parts. None of the last four administrations was interested in doing so. Conservatives point to the following that enhances the chances for ending Roe v. Wade:

1. A Sanctity of Life Act to strip federal courts of jurisdiction over abortion

2. Heartbeat Protection Act

3. A federal ultrasound law guaranteeing that every mother sees a picture of her baby before an abortion

4. Legislation to give the parents of minors the power to intervene and stop any abortion of their daughter, and most importantly

5. A Life at Conception Act to legislatively overturn Roe v. Wade.

If Trump is re-elected, it will be interesting to see how this all falls out. He says he is just waiting for a bill to make it to his desk.

Dick Jordan

St. Joseph

Socialism would end free will

The Christmas of 2019 is now a Christmas past. Many Americans celebrated a religious holiday, and many more celebrated their freedom to spend their money as they saw fit. It was capitalism working on a grand scale.

There was no shortage of things to buy. There were so many attractive choices it is no wonder many of us overspent, but that also was our choice.

Under capitalism there is freedom to choose and there are consequences. You pay as you go or pay later and pay interest buying time.

The fun of Christmas has passed except for the returns and gift card spending, and now it is tax time, personal and property, and there is little choice but to pay these unless you want to face some consequences not of your choosing.

Death and taxes are both things we would like to avoid, but cannot. There are even death taxes and sometimes hidden taxes. How much sales tax did we all pay at Christmas? Do we even know?

Some Americans believe progressive socialism, instead of democratic capitalism, would better serve the people. This belief is based on another, which is that people have no free will, and that their lives, for better or worse, are governed by forces beyond their control.

Perhaps a new religion (or is it an old one) called Save the Planet would emerge. But Christmas, glorious free will Christmas, when we freely spend our money to bring joy and comfort to others and ourselves, and to merchants and manufacturers, and municipal tax collectors too, would no longer exist.

Taxes would still be due, but there would be no Christmas fun in bleak December.

Carol Cornelius

Easton, Missouri