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Health care should be a right in the U.S.

The United States accepts many foreign medical students in our major medical colleges and universities, and while in the internship phase in our major medical hospitals, the foreign students earn much more money than if they were educated in their own country.

The foreign medical students’ governments have free medical expenses and hospital stays for their people, whereas in the United States, the American Medical Association and American Hospital Association there is no government control (as there should be) in being able to alleviate the medical charges on the elderly, needy and poor people of America.

A bill to correct this needs to be enacted. Health care needs to be a basic right for we, the people, like most other nations of earth.

Terrance Hawbaker

Effingham, Kansas

The pitfalls, and benefits, of aging

Old age sneaks up on a person. You go to bed as a normal person, but wake up as an old geezer. You’ve been run over by the old age truck and you never even saw it coming.

People begin to look at you differently. You can’t tell if its respect, or sympathy. For men, when young ladies begin to smile at you, it means the game is over. You are consigned to the bench — permanently.

There are benefits, of course. For one thing, no one expects much from you. You will be the first one released in a hostage situation. The most excitement in your life is receiving the “senior discount” at fast food restaurants.

You also become very knowledgeable on a variety of medical procedures, which you are more than willing to share with everyone you meet. You delight in showing off surgical scars, as well as diagnosing their personal ailments.

You also learn to make peace with yourself and others. You begin to recognize we are all on the same journey.

Mike Hanrahan

Cameron, Missouri