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District not spending money wisely

In the Dec. 3 article “Results released,” St. Joseph School District Superintendent Dr. Doug Van Zyl stated, “Complacency is an issue, but I think the biggest thing is not truly wanting to be informed. For some reason in society, it’s a lot easier to stay comfortable and not be as informed as you can be. And then you’re able to speak from that misinformation rather than being fully informed.”

The last several years, this school board and administration has shown very little common sense in most things. Your strategy is just “spend more money on the issue and everything will be better.” The longer this current school board and administration are in power, the worse it has become.

Right now, 79% of our personal property tax and real estate tax goes to the St. Joseph School District. I do not see that our school tax money is being prudently spent at present.

Larry A. Hahn

St. Joseph

1947 brings back

many memories

Whenever the year 1947 is mentioned, my eyes light up or my ears perk up. That is the year I graduated from Benton High School, so you can understand why I jumped right on Terry Jordan’s Jan. 5 column.

No, we didn’t eat as well as today and there were worse years before, but thank goodness we learned and it was people from that generation who enlightened the whole world about a lot of things. So yes, life was swell in 1947 and there are still a good many 90-year-olds like myself here to prove it.

It was the year I was Benton’s candidate for The St. Joe Relays. The queen and her attendants sat on top of the back seat of convertibles driven around the field at Central High School before the relays. The picture was not only printed in the News-Press then, but again in the mid-’90s. How nice for me. Our football team went to the Peanut Bowl. They were the greatest.

However, soon after graduation, many of my classmates joined the service, some going to Korea, and one didn’t make it home. For me, that was the worst of times.

We were a loyal student group that held reunions every five years until we realized we aren’t immortal and should meet every year, and we did to our 60th reunion. When Frank Sinatra sings “it was a very good year,” it might as well be 1947.

Betty Harris

St. Joseph