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District has lost sight

of its goals

I taught my first science classes in 1965. There are a few immutable truths that are evident to this aged pedagogue. Students are pretty much the same collectively as they were half a century ago. They’re not any more or less intelligent. Their social distractions and out-of-balance hormones still rage as always. Their need for discipline, order and respected standards haven’t changed either.

Our school board and administrators seem to have lost sight of their goal. If the goal is to raise student scores, then do what works! Reduce class size, and offer significantly higher teacher pay commensurate with their talents and successes.

Note that these have absolutely nothing to do with the age of buildings. Just a fraction of the staggering amount of money to build a new school would be far better spent on teachers’ (not administrators’) salaries and reduction of class size. That will work.

All that is truly required for genuine education to happen is a teacher who wants to teach, and a student who is willing to learn. Our current schools provide them safe, clean, pleasant locations for this.

Dr. Lawrence Pilgram

St. Joseph