School board is ‘playing games’

Making Benton a middle school solves no problems. It creates more. Not only does it increase class sizes, it also increases the amount of kids wanting to play a sport or be in the choir or band. It creates more bus issues and we have plenty of them at the moment.

The school board is not listening to the people. We gave a tax increase to keep the school maintained when they asked for it. Now they just want to ignore what the residents of this town want. They hold meetings when working people cannot go and then expect you to know what happened at that meeting.

They are playing games to try and get what they want. I have had enough, and more people than you know feel the same way.

Melissa Smith, St. Joseph

‘Howling Hawley’ hurts my ears

The nation has voted, the states have certified the votes, the electoral college has confirmed the results and now Congress has the ceremonial duty to acknowledge that Joseph Biden is the next president of the United States.

As a retired military officer, I find Sen. Hawley’s plan to object to the presidential results when the Senate meets as a true lack of statesmanship and clearly an act of hysteria to please the loser of the race, Donald Trump.

With this act, Josh Hawley will forever be branded as Howling Hawley — who’s attempt to undermine democracy will not survive the long lens of history.

Robert Tormey, USAF retired, Escondido, California

Birds of a feather flock together

Sitting with 5-year-old Gracie and giving her a lesson on eagles seemed most appropriate after I visited the reserve and awed in the presence of over 100 eagles along with swans, seagulls, geese and ducks.

Showing her pictures of the golden eagle high in the trees watching and ever vigilant of his surrounding seemed to get her attention. I told her how majestic he was, how fast he could fly and how he builds his nest. I had to smile as I thought my teaching days are here again.

Just then her mother came in the room and said, “what did you learn from grandpa?” She looked at her mom and said, “I think grandpa is like an eagle!”

Oh boy, there went my ego sky high, to be compared to his awesome bird. Her mom asked her why and she said, “Well, grandpa is big. He has a white

head. And he sits by himself in the corner when grandma makes him take a timeout?”

Pardon me while I go to the basement and look for my ego and practice my Polish.

Jim Pawlowski, St. Joseph