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It’s all too real

I was awakened recently by a recurring dream.

In the dream, our government abolished our energy independence by canceling the XL Pipeline and most domestic drilling. Again we are dependent on oil from OPEC, raising prices for consumers and equally producing carbon emissions.

In the dream it seems we made a hasty retreat from Afghanistan, leaving behind billions of tax dollars in military equipment and supplies, making the Taliban the best-equipped terrorist in history. Was that part of the “deal” with the Taliban?

Dreaming on, it seemed we opened our southern borders to hordes of undocumented illegals. Most are good people, but it also includes human traffickers, violent gang members, drug cartel members smuggling horrid drugs destroying our youth.

It seemed that new government policies created a massive supply-chain disruption reducing the availability of crucially needed products. Car buyers, mechanics, farmers are all waiting months for vital parts.

Murders, retail thefts, incidents of violence and drug overdoses are rampant, largely due to an idiotic call to “defund” police forces. Once beautiful cities are now plagued by unhealthy tent and cardboard drug distributors.

This isn’t a dream, it is a nightmare.

Mike Hanrahan, Cameron, Missouri

Think twice about partisanship

12-7-41, 9-11-01 and now 1-6-21. Notice how the interval between tragedies is getting shorter? The first was a war, the second was a foreign terrorist attack and the last looks like America entering the Civil War again.

What does this say about us? And the US-of-A? Information is good, usually, but when you are bombarded with information 24/7 — and from sources that you establish is telling your truth to you — well, apathy/ignorance/wrong ideas are all too likely!

We voters are not dumb. After the 2020 election, 62 challenges by the Trump campaign were rejected by various courts — state and federal. What does common sense tell you about that fact?

That should make all Missouri voters at least think about partisan politics vs. governing us and — maybe quit sending Republicans to Washington, D.C.

Helen Brock-Thurston, St. Joseph

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