Stallard showedtrue leadership

On Dec. 26, Loah Stallard, a registered nurse for more than 50 years and the former executive director of the Social Welfare Board, passed away. She was much beloved by all who knew her. While Loah earned countless awards, including the YWCA’s Lifetime Achievement award, she once noted “seeing the lives of the patients of the Social Welfare Board improve through the health care we gave them has been my biggest reward.”

When Loah began her service at the Social Welfare Board, she was one of four employees, but as the organization grew so did her role. From 1979 to 2006, Loah worked as the executive director, identifying health needs for the underserved and finding ways to provide those services at the clinic. Under her leadership, the board added dental care, a diabetic food program, dietician, crisis counseling, gynecological services, cardiovascular screenings and arthritis services.

Loah’s exemplary leadership extended well beyond the clinic as evidenced by influencing state lawmakers to embrace the nurse practitioner collaborative practice model. In the late 1990s, the Social Welfare Board was one of the first clinics in Missouri to adopt the nurse practitioner model; a groundbreaking move that significantly enhanced patient care and clinic operations.

I have so many fond memories serving on various state and national health care boards/committees with her. She was highly respected by so many people and a true leader in her field. I was so blessed to have a mentor of her caliber and am honored that she choose to pass the SWB torch on to me. She once advised me, “this work is hard and when you feel discouraged or overwhelmed, look at our waiting room and that will fuel you on! “I will greatly miss Loah; her genuine spirit will forever be with the clinic!”

Linda Judah

Executive Director

Social Welfare Board

Hawley shows true colors

The News-Press editorial board now has a new picture for their poster boy for all things conservative, Josh Hawley. No more sitting at his desk expressing moral outrage with a faint halo around his head. Now we get a true picture of a budding brown shirt encouraging domestic terrorists to storm and destroy the U.S. Capitol building, the people’s house.

Here is the real Josh Hawley, the one willing to sacrifice our democracy to further his own political career. Real Americans on both sides of the aisle took seriously their vow to support and defend our Constitution while Hawley was sending out fundraising emails.

He should be expelled from the Senate and considered the traitor that he is. He is a man without a country and should be one without a state.

Susan Rice

Easton, Missouri