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Liberals are

the new socialists

Liberals are not new conservatives. They are the new socialists!

Concerning the presidential impeachment, no provable evidence has been presented to justify the impeachment of the president. Our code of law does not convict people based on hearsay testimony. Liberals keep saying they are trying to protect our “democracy” when in fact, our government was designed and established as a republic. But we hear over and over about our democracy. This in itself proves liberals base their decisions on statements of others that are not founded on fact.

It is true, I believe, that most Americans want high moral and ethical standards of our elected officials. But liberals overlook the unethical standards and morals of many of our elected Democrat officeholders. I agree that we should overlook our personal prejudices and elect candidates who truly believe in following our Constitution and code of law to keep our republic form of government for the next 200 years.

If you believe in democracy and/or socialism, why don’t you move to a country with a socialistic form of government? That is what true democracy represents and what our current liberal candidates seem to want us to become.

Edwin R. Shrewsbury

Lathrop, Missouri

Voices of Courage

needs your help

As supporters of the Noyes Home for Children, we received a copy of the 2018 Annual Report. They reported revenues of $3,988,997 and expenses of$1,933,833.: a net gain of $2,0554,164.

They had 431 referrals and served 224 children; 124 families. These included the homeless, foster, behavior and respite.

This is absolutely wonderful and reflects a very caring, giving community.

But what about our damaged children? Not as delicate a topic for discussion around the dinner table.

Voices of Courage Children’s Advocacy Center serviced 815 children in 2018. They conducted 646 forensic interviews: 35% for sexual and 29% for physical abuse.

The remainder were from emotional abuse, neglector a combination of two or more of these. They counseled 169 children during 2,250 sessions.

Budget restraints keep them from doing even more good for the community. Most funding is from governmental grants which are often in jeopardy.

Their 2018 budget was $650,000, which included about $37,000 from community donors.

Director Melissa Birdsell has made strides in making this organization more visible, but so much more needs to be done. Our community needs to provide similar support for this organization.

The future of these children depends on you.

Micki Schussler

St. Joseph

Not believing Trump

Just a few things President Donald Trump has been involved with the last few years;

He directed his lawyer to payoff two different woman with campaign money, Said lawyer is currently in prison for that illegal act.

Broke the law with his charity.

Broke the law with his university.

Broke the law when he withheld Ukraine security aid.

At the very least, broke precedent when he did not turn over duly requested documents by Congress.

I do not believe what Trump says. He has the opportunity to prove it now. He needs to explain what he did was legal.

He has not cooperated in any manner. No documents, no witnesses. Time for facts, not his rhetoric.

After multiple days of sworn testimony introduced by the House managers, are you still against documents and witnesses?

Roger Moore

St. Joseph