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Maybe the U.S. needs a

multiparty government

These impeachment hearings showed us some of the worst hypocrisy we have ever seen. Senators and lawyers from both parties are now shouting the exact opposite of what they said a few years ago.

It underscores why a lot of Americans are unhappy with our two-party political system. David Leonhardt wonders what an alternative — a multiparty democracy, like those in many other countries — might look like.

On the left, there could be both an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-style social-democratic party and a more centrist Bloombergist party. On the right, there could be a Trumpist nationalist party and a more Reagan-like conservative party.

Even more intriguing might be the parties that didn’t fit neatly onto a left-right spectrum: Say, a Yang Gang-type party that appealed to fans of universal basic income; or a working-class party that favored income redistribution and business regulation but was neutral on the divisive fights over guns, abortion and so on.

The House would no longer be divided so neatly between Democrats and Republicans who agreed on very little. More interesting coalitions could emerge.

And that brings us to an interesting debate: Who is really a RINO (Republican In Name Only)?

Republicans have traditionally promoted:

Small government

Balanced budgets


A strong international presence

Promotion of key allies and treaties around the world

Personal character and civility.

Does it seem to you that Trump has none of those values? Does that make him a RINO?

Jack Briggs

Cameron, Missouri