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Maybe the poor are among us for a reason

Don’t we all love to go to the Bible to justify our opinions and behaviors. The Bible has been used to support slavery, racism, hatred of gender and sexuality, misogyny and even genocide.

Now we have a new issue: the minimizing of food support for people who aren’t working. The text used is 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

I’ve heard that the best way to determine a person’s character is to watch their behavior when life gives them the upper hand. Most of us have the upper hand over someone every day, whether they’re working or not.

I’m not going to convince anyone whose mind is already made up. The Bible can be argued all day for compassion or cruelty. I just wonder why we’re put on this good earth and given the wealth and privileges we enjoy.

Could we have this backwards, and it’s not the burden of the poor to qualify for the gift, but rather the burden is on we, the privileged, to qualify as the givers?

Is it possible that someone has put the poor among us for a reason, and given us the upper hand just to see what we will do with it?

Neal Zeilinger

St. Joseph

Time to take stock,

look ahead to new year

As another year comes to a close, we take stock of our lives.

We think about all the people who have been a part of different chapters of our life; we mourn the family and friends we have lost, because each one has left a shadow on our soul, and an empty echo in our heart.

We cherish dearly the friends whom we still are able to talk to and give a hug to whenever we get the chance, because we know that we are a much better person, and more complete, because of their very presence.

As the days of our lives move forward, we try and pull our remaining family members even closer, because they surround us with love and provide us with a sense of security like a child who snuggles under their favorite blanket with a teddy bear on a stormy night.

So as the year’s end draws near, we look forward with a new measure of hope, faith and love in the new year, because we know that the good Lord is with us every step of the way and we take solace in the fact that God loves us all.

Jeffrey W. Comley

St. Joseph