When is first a bad thing?

Biden was interviewed by Lester Holt where he said, “President Trump has changed the landscape of this country and he put America first.”

Yes, President Trump put America first. Biden says that like it’s a bad thing! Who voted for this man? That’s my question. Who voted for a president who won’t put America first?

Brigitte Berry, St. Joseph

It’s about how we spend our time

One lesson of life is that the time between a high school senior and a senior citizen is far shorter than we realized. We are run over by the old age truck and we never saw it coming!

Earning a living and raising a family consumes our time to the point we don’t realize how quickly it is passing. Just as we achieve some understanding of life, we are “put out to pasture.” A lot of experience can be wasted.

Rather than saving time, modern technology seems to consume more of it. It feels as if time is accelerating, and time spent on electronic devices results on less time to be with friends and family.

Time is a wonderful gift, but like sand through an hourglass, it is constantly being lost. The day will come when none is left, making time ever more precious.

Today, our children and grandchildren need our help and guidance more than ever in this age of rising lawlessness, illegal substances and temptation. We need to use our remaining time wisely. Spending it with our youth is worthy of our consideration.

Mike Hanrahan, Cameron, Missouri