Don’t blame nursing homes

While I sympathize with the man who’s father died in a nursing home of COVID-19, I do not agree with the sentiment that somehow he died because the nursing home was negligent about mask wearing. Someone who would say this has never worked in a nursing home.

They’re places filled with people who can’t take care of themselves and a great deal of it is from diminished capacity. Try making someone wear a mask who is suffering from diminished mental capacity. It’s nearly impossible. Are you going to staple it on?

They also have one heating and AC system for the entire building. Everyone is breathing the same air. People have to be allowed the freedom to move around inside the building as well. They’re places where every bodily fluid is prone to accidental release.

If you don’t want your loved one to get sick I would suggest not putting them in such a facility.

Randall Huston

St. Joseph