Do we need more laws?

With regard to the letter for background checks for all gun sales, there are already background checks for legal sales of firearms in the United States. When you buy a firearm, before you take possession, the dealer runs a background check with the FBI.

If you have a criminal felony record, you are denied the sale. Please be aware of the laws before you say we need more.

Mike Morgan

St. Joseph

Even the rich run

out of money

Pick your poison:

Uncharacteristic of the Demo party is all this fighting due to the “Squad,” and all the wild statements and promises they say they will enact when elected.

I am somewhat confused on how they are going to come up with these trillions of dollars these plans will cost, and yes, it’s trillions. At some point even the rich will run out of money.

As I list the promises made by these women, you’ll notice that they are not linked to a particular candidate as all are giving the same talking points.

How about “free” health care, free Medicare, a guaranteed wages and job, housing, let’s even send them to school for nothing, no student loan if you under a certain income.

Illegals are not the problem, they deserve the same free stuff, and by the way not enough beds for them as they are coming across in record numbers and put in cages that Obama had made — think he called them, “re-education camps.”

You know if one of them would get elected, she’d be one of those old congresspersons by the time any of these got put into place. I know it worked for Venezuela.

Good luck America, especially you young generation taxpayers.

Ben Pecora

St. Joseph

A masterpiece

by any name

Picasso splashes and gouges his name big and bold on many of his masterpieces. In a museum in Fort Worth, Texas, there hangs a painting of a woman by Picasso that is so breathtaking it does not matter who did it. It is so stunning that love has obviously mastered the master.

A name does not really tell us much about a person. Someone named Jesus could be a serial killer.

A man named Picasso damages his own work by ego-maniacal signatures and the belief that his name alone was proof that whatever had his name on it was the work of a god.

It also helped sell his work, a concern that may have been an issue that can eventually weaken the strength of his work. If you doubt this, take a look at his last 10 or 15 oil paintings. Sadly, all you can see is his signature, and art has left the room.

Donald M. Beaulieu

St. Joseph