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Time to get on board

against abortion

Prayer for the unborn child: Almighty Father, give us courage to proclaim the supreme dignity and sanctity of all human life and to demand that society give its protection.

— Anonymous

Most Americans are unaware that the National Pro-Life Alliance circulated a citizen petition in 2018 to both members of Congress styled “Ultrasound Informed Consent Act,” obligating Planned Parenthood and others under mandate that pregnant mothers must be shown an ultrasound of their pre-born babies.

NPA stated that 72 percent of pregnant mothers opted out of the abortion when this was shown. My source has it even greater, being somewhere in the 80 percent range.

There had been such a mandate until Planned Parenthood asked then-President Barack Obama to remove it, as it was hurting their business financially.

Americans, in great numbers, said they were sick of so many babies being murdered.

If we want to see dramatic change in the infanticide that is taking place, now is the time to get on board. Our president is against abortion and that is a tremendous plus. We need not repeal Roe v. Wade; the baby’s 14th Amendment right to life will trump the mother’s shaky opportunity to abort under Roe. God has blessed our nation. It is time we acknowledged it.

Dick Jordan

St. Joseph

Think of which professions

really contribute to the world

It’s funny how warped our sense of worth in America has become.

Nonessential jobs such as actors, musicians, media stars and sports stars are paid enormous sums of money, and their thoughts and words are assigned great value as if they were Aristotle brought back to life by the leftist media. If those jobs disappeared tomorrow would our country grind to a halt? I doubt it. We might miss them but life would go on.

Now take away the plumbers, carpenters, electricians, police, firefighters, teachers, street crews, truck drivers, manufacturing workers, military and other essential jobs. Our country would grind to a halt.

Just as important are the risk-takers who start businesses large and small, that drive our economy and support our families. This is how we get the Altecs, Herzogs, Home Depots and Costcos. A dream, a gamble, and a lot of work.

So the next time some Hollywood star, sports star, or some other media darling tells you about how terrible our so-called racist country is, please place a value on their words based not on what they earn, but more on the true value of their contribution to our country as a whole.

Kennan Brockett

St. Joseph

City should care more about

people who already live here

This town and City Council talk about bringing outsiders in and giving them jobs.

I have a question/comment: I’m a mother who works and my hours were cut to one day a week. How can this town say they care when no matter what other jobs I apply for, they all turn me down just cause I look different or (don’t have) experience?

This town doesn’t care about we who have lived here our whole lives. They just care about outsiders. What about we who are natives of this town?

Buffy Black

St. Joseph