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Long live Mexican fiesta!

My husband and I attended our first St. Patrick Mexican Fiesta on Aug. 3. The food was delicious, the costumes were beautiful and the dancing was impressive. They say that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. At Saturday’s fiesta, everyone felt welcome to partake in the church’s Mexican traditions.

The event was especially uplifting, in light of the tragedy that occurred in El Paso, Texas, earlier in the day.

Congratulations to St. Patrick Catholic Church on its 50th fiesta. May God grant them many more years of joyful celebrations.

Kathy Bunse

Cosby, Missouri

Guns do kill people

I read the St. Joseph News Press daily. I watch multiple news (both national and local) TV programs daily. With each available news source there are most usually (often daily) one or more stories of murders, suicides, mass shootings, etc.

The reason … guns! Oh yeah, I’m sick and tired of hearing the saying “guns don’t kill people … people kill people.” If that’s true, then how is it people who don’t own guns rarely kill people?

There is a simple answer … enforce the existing laws regulating gun ownership. Better yet, outlaw guns altogether.

At the very least outlaw the sale of assault type military weapons that serve no useful purpose but to kill people.

Don Roach

St. Joseph