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Time to elect non-NRA


I was sad to read the Aug. 6 News Press editorial, “Lets talk about gun violence.”

The first line in paragraph 5 asserts, “the problem isn’t too many guns, but too little respect ...” Nonsense! The problem is indeed too many guns. Roughly one and a quarter guns for every citizen in the U.S.

There are other countries that also have little or no respect for human life, but they have fewer gun deaths because they have fewer guns. The easy availability of guns correlates to the higher number of deaths. It also accounts for the horrendous number of gun suicide totals in the U.S..

After every mass shooting there is a public outcry for some legislation on guns, such as background checks, gun show sales, etc. and every time the NRA jumps into action screaming “your guns are going to be confiscated!” and nothing gets done. Predictably, gun sales increase shortly afterward.

In 1994, in response to mass shootings, Congress passed an assault weapons ban, however, the NRA had a 10 year sunset clause added and it expired in 2004. If you want something done, it is time to elect non-NRA representatives.

Leila Hicks

St. Joseph