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Believing ‘guns kill people’

by themselves is a fantasy

The wheels on the bus go round and round. A good mechanic can tell you in detail what makes the wheels go round. It is a good bet the average person cannot.

We use all sorts of wonderful inventions from toasters to smartphones without knowing how they work. Most would say, “Well, you plug it into the electricity …” And how does that electricity work? How does the tiny battery in the phone work, and how does it pick up a phone call, or a text, a picture or a video without wires? Who knows? Most of us don’t. So it is all just magical.

And here is where we go off the deep end, and start to take fantasy as real. If one thing can be magical but real, so can vampires, zombies, unicorns, witches and wizards, and cars that can morph into superheroes. Have we regressed back to the Middle Ages when people believed in magical singing swords and dragons? Some who express the belief that “guns kill people” certainly have.

Guns are magical? Wow!

Carol Cornelius

Easton, Missouri

Having armories keep citizens’ guns

could stop mass shootings

Everybody is talking about the evil of mass shootings. We are all trying to come up with ideas to stop these mass shootings. I will share with you my idea that could stop them.

The first step is to make sure every county in the USA has an armory. These armories would be controlled by the U.S. military.

The second step is to have every citizen who has weapons store their weapons in the armory and not in their homes. This would take all weapons out of homes and put them in U.S. armories.

The armories can then keep track of all weapons in their county. People can go to the armory if they want to go hunting or practice shooting and check out their weapons.

Armories could have shooting practice places within the armory. Then the gun owners would want to take their weapons from the armory only if they want to go hunting.

The armory keepers could call local police and the local police could put an alert to keep track of the owner and the weapon.

This idea allows all gun owners to keep their weapons, but the weapons would be stored in the armory and not in the house.

Hugh Sheffield

St. Joseph

Christians should put energy into

opposing systems of oppression

As a pastor, I often have to wonder why so many Christians get angry about the wrong things.

Witness the vitriol online and elsewhere aimed at one of our local libraries hosting a Drag Queen Story Hour — a chance for children to hear stories of love and inclusion read to them by a person in costume (and some amazing makeup!). This event simply intends to promote equality and a little bit of joy in our community (the story hour ends with a dance party).

I find it sad that some of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters have so much time on their hands that they are protesting and signing petitions to oppose this event. Why get angry about this when there are so many better things to be angry about and give our time to: poverty, the drug epidemic, homelessness, gun violence, racial division?

I encourage people of faith in our community to put their efforts into opposing those systems of oppression that are actually causing harm and to support efforts, like the Drag Queen Story Hour, that simply want to bring a little light to St. Joseph.

THE Rev. Brian Kirk

St. Joseph