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America heads down a wrong path

I am writing because I am extremely concerned about the current behavior of the leadership in our government. Even those of you that voted for Biden should be concerned. Biden and his team via the Department of Injustice went to the home of a private citizen under the guise that classified documents were being stored there. They “said” that they had to do a search. The search lasted for nearly 10 hours. Agents even went through the personal clothing of Melanie Trump. How many classified documents do you suppose that she could hide away in her bikini underwear? The agents even brought along as safe cracker to break into the safe. Joe Biden says that he knew nothing about the raid. Well, if you believe that, then ask yourself who is running our country. Most assuredly he would have been apprised of this activity.

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John Schroeder you have been brain-washed by Trumputin and Fox Entertainment, stop drinking the Orange Kool-aid use some common sense. Also they did find classified docs.. Are you also a member of QAnon. You've been fooled so keep sending your money to Trumputin.


Great letter Pat McLear!

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