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Your letters April 6, 2021

Give people free IDs

If the Republicans want to own the Democrats on voter rights, the solution is very simple.

If the Republican Party wants to throw the Democrats off the rails on civil rights, it’s very easy to do. The Democrats keep saying that Republicans want to suppress voting rights by requiring an ID.

Well, then Sam Graves or some other Republican needs to introduce legislation that gives each and every eligible voter a free government-issued ID card.

We all get a Social Security card. The Democrats just gave away how many trillions of dollars? Hello? The cost would be minimal and then we would see just who drags their feet.

Randall L. Huston

St. Joseph

Information is the key

Every person interprets information on the basis of personal experience — their life experience, which gives a personal bias to every situation experienced. It takes a degree of impartiality — which is learned and therefore is voluntary — to “step outside” the personal and consider a situation on “the merits” or, the “benefits” to you.

How are you going to do this without information and participation in the process relating to that information? A lot of us “golden agers” rely on our local TV, radio and newspaper for that and I am happy to say that our “LOCALS” do a decent job of conveying the necessary information we need. Kudos to you all!

Now, if the voters could only muster 85% participation — that would be something to brag about. Oh, how are those legislative town halls coming with Sam Graves, Josh Hawley and Roy Blunt?

Helen Brock-Thurston

St. Joseph

Problem with

two-party system

I have a problem with the whole “Get out the vote” thing. To me, it seems like one great big cattle prod aimed at herding people into our current hate-filled two-party system.

I realize the system gives a shot in the arm to one party today, and the other party tomorrow. In the meantime, however, hostility grows between folks hunkered down in the two opposing silos.

Why couldn’t the two groups break up into smaller parties based on new ideas and coalitions that cut across the old party platforms?

How about an urban farmer/anti-birther millennials party united for climate change? Maybe an anti-trust party made up of former Democrats and Republicans championing small business? Why not a women’s equal rights/equal pay party in cahoots with pro-labor union and child welfare folks?

Sound like fun? It does to me.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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