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Fond memories of Apple Blossom

I enjoyed Terry Jordan’s article in the Weekender about the Apple Blossom Parade. It brought back memories of when I took tap dancing lessons from Ruth Runyon many years ago.

I remember all of us dancing down the street twirling our batons (and dropping them frequently) from 1947 through about 1951. What fun!

And then when I grew up and went to work at The Morris Plan and we moved across the street into the Pioneer Building at Fifth and Francis in 1962, work stopped on parade day. We all gathered at the big windows to watch the parade. For many years, the Morris Plan had beautiful floats in the parade, and I still can see co-workers, Millie Schwader and Dorothy Wertin in their lovely formals riding on those floats.

Well you’ve done it again, Terry Jordan — brought back great memories to this 80-year-old gal!

Gayle Sollars, St. Joseph

GOP’s war on Medicaid

Deep down in their haughty bones, they just knew that Missouri voters did not know what they were doing in August of 2020 when they voted emphatically to expand Medicaid by a vote of 53% to 47%.

Missouri Republican lawmakers have a long history of animus toward Medicaid expansion. It burns them that those who they label as “able-bodied adults who choose not to work”, i.e. lazy, will have access to THEIR hard earned tax dollars.

So, trying to demonstrate that Republicans really do care about the poor, which they don’t and never have, Rep. J. Eggleston, R-Maysville and many of his Republican pals in the Missouri House are playing the old switcheroo card by introducing a bill that defunds Medicaid expansion in Missouri and instead sending the money designated for Medicaid expansion to nursing homes, the developmentally disabled and mental health, all of whom are already receiving Medicaid money.

Such legislation is devious and impugns the intelligence of Missouri voters.

Dr. Robert Stuber, St. Joseph

Those cities are in Missouri

In Tuesday’s News-Press, three state lawmakers used rhetorical acrobatics to explain why they would not expose Missourians to expanded Medicaid services, this despite a comfortable majority of those Missourians (a winning margin of 83,196) voted in August 2020 to make that expansion part of the state’s Constitution.

The real howler came from Rep. J. Eggleston, whose op-ed insisted the ballot victory for expansion arrived because of voters in “our most urban and highly populated areas that tend to like big government programs,” and those city folks fell under the sway of the health-care industry.

My small-town education, begun in a community of about 2,800 people, left me with enough math skills to know that fewer than one in five statewide “yes” votes came from cities named St. Louis and Kansas City, with 561,491 total “yes” votes getting cast apart from those two urban jurisdictions.

Also, I learned enough geography to know that people of St. Louis and Kansas City reside in the state of Missouri and, no matter the influences they embrace, have the lawful right to cast ballots on state constitutional issues.

Ken Newton, St. Joseph

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