The reason

for the season

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

We brought out and carefully placed the Nativity figures and hung cherished ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Children loved helping decorate the Christmas tree and they’re trying to behave anticipating a visit from Santa Claus. A Christmas tree can mesmerize us, hypnotize us and harken us back to a special memory of a certain Christmas.

Christmas is the time of the year that we look back and look forward and hope for a better year to come. Christmastime brings out the best in us. The season rekindles the goodness in our souls.

It’s the Spirit of Christmas.

We are more charitable in thoughts and deeds. This lifts spirits, lightens burdens and elevates the human race.

We have never forgotten the reason for this season. Jesus of Nazareth born in Bethlehem. Jesus was born as and is known to the entire Christian world as the light, the life and the hope of the world. Our redeemer — our Savior.

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of the greatest hero of all time. And wise men still seek him.

For Christmas and during this next new year, we can do things to make our part of the world a better place. Let’s speak words of cheer and goodwill and be generous with charitable giving. Charity never fails.

Most of all — we can set a good example by following the greatest commandment of all.

Love one another. Merry Christmas.

Shawn Harper

St. Joseph

Jesus came to Earth

with us in mind

It was a motley bunch of shepherds to whom God revealed himself, with a host of angels singing that night.

They declared his birth would bring peace on earth. Nothing like this had ever happened. He came to Earth with us in mind.

This newborn king of lowly birth, began his rule that night on Earth, although his work left a trail of tears.

He triumphed gloriously when he arose a victor from the grave. He had been given an unfair death penalty. This is a masterful mystery how God could himself come to set a motley bunch of guilty sinners free.

Betty Sill

St. Joseph

Polish language

comes in handy

While talking with a friend on the phone and wishing him a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Polish, my 8-year-old grandson, Nate, approached me.

“How long have you spoken Polish, Grandpa?”

I told him I grew up speaking two languages because my grandpa and my dad talked mostly in Polish, but everyone is gone now and I don’t speak it very much.

He responded, “I know, Grandpa! I only hear you say it when you get mad, lose something, break something, have an accident or scold someone! Gosh, I thought you said it then so Grandma wouldn’t know what you were saying and you won’t have to do another timeout!”

Smart kid, that Nate.

Jim Pawlowski

St. Joseph

I-229 double-decker

bridge should be saved

The Interstate 229 double-decker bridge on the west side of St. Joseph is a huge community asset and should be maintained. Maintaining the bridge would continue to provide commercial access to the south side industrial area, the Port Authority, U.S. Highway 36 (east and west) and also provide an easy gateway into the St. Joseph Downtown area from the north and south.

As a former traffic commissioner for the city of St. Joseph, I believe investment in the bridge should be prioritized by the Missouri Department of Transportation. Their address is Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, 105 W. Capitol Ave., Jefferson City, MO 65102.

Ken Beck

St. Joseph