Turn attention to wages

1-6-1 was an attack on our country, incited by a president and fueled by Republicans who refused to honor the will of the people.

Numerous Republican senators have now wrongly paved the way for a future president to violate the Constitution.

These same Republicans have put their political self-interest ahead of what’s best for our country and attempted to deny us the power of our vote and now, the pandemic and economic relief Americans need.

It’s time to honor working Americans and focus on passing the COVID relief package. If you work hard, provide a service society depends on, then you deserve to be paid enough money to put a roof over your head and food on your table.

Is $15/hour enough? Probably not, but at least it’s a start. It is wrong to force employees to go on food stamps just so we can pay 20 cents less for a burger or shareholders can earn a bit more. $15 an hour is the right thing to keep the USA great and for Congress to support.

Ellen Wentz

Kirkwood, Missouri

Group opposes

CCW on buses

Bills introduced in the Missouri House and Senate would allow individuals with conceal/carry permits to carry firearms on public transit buses, vans, trains and other spaces owned or operated by a public transit provider.

The Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA) understands the reasoning behind these bills is to improve safety on transit. However, allowing firearms on public transit may serve as a detriment to ridership and has not been proven to enhance safety and security of any system. There is an unacceptable risk on transit vehicles that someone could be harmed if a gun is fired or discharged accidently.

The MPTA opposes any legislation which would allow carrying concealed weapons on transit.

Allowing passengers to carry firearms on transit is not the answer to enhancing the safety and security of these systems.

Kimberly Cella

Missouri Public Transit Association