Strange Music

Artists from Strange Music pose in the music video ‘Man On Fire.’ Part of it was shot in Krug Park.

After a quiet 2020, St. Joseph’s arts and entertainment scene has seemingly bounced back quickly. There’s no better proof of that than this summer.

Let’s take a look at some of the summer’s highlights:

Strange Music premieres music video shot in Krug Park: It was a surprise to almost everyone when Strange Music artists Tech N9ne and Joey Cool were posting pictures of themselves hanging out in Krug Park. On Aug. 27, we saw the reason why, as Joey Cool’s latest single, “Man On Fire” with Tech N9ne and Y2, premiered on YouTube.

The explicit, mob-themed music video has the artists dressed up like cast members of “Peaky Blinders,” roughing up bad guys and getting in a shoot-out at the Krug Park castle. While the single isn’t anything noteworthy, it’s awesome to see Krug Park serve as a setting in a national music video, especially one that also features classic spots like Kansas City’s The Majestic Restaurant and Jazz Club. Potential viewers: Be aware before you watch it that it does contain some raunchy material at the end.

Festivals come back in (almost) full force: The summer kicked off in a huge way with the beer-themed “Ales West” and it was off to the races from there. People showed up in droves for celebrations like Rock The Park, the Celtic Street Faire, the St. Patrick’s Mexican Fiesta and the one-off “From Steam to S.T.E.A.M.” tech festival in Civic Center Park. With a rise in COVID-19 cases during the summer because of the delta variant, numbers were slightly down across the board compared to non-pandemic years. But all signaled that people are ready to get out in the area again.

St. Joseph becomes a hot movie spot: In August, St. Joseph was the place to be for new, local motion pictures. The family-friendly comedy “Accidental Family” reunited the director and main stars of “Christmas at the Chateau” for another romp. It had its global debut at the Missouri Theater. The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of art served as the local premiere location for the filmed-in-lockdown movie “Summer In Hindsight” from Kansas City artist Peregrine Honig, starring Calvin Arsenia. I always tell filmmakers that St. Joseph goes crazy for movie shoots and premieres. The response to both proves that point.

Live performances are back: While live shows never went away in St. Joseph, the volume of them went drastically down in 2020. Come summer 2021, it felt like they made a comeback. Robidoux Resident Theatre returned to the Missouri Theater for “Guys and Dolls.” Creative Arts Productions put on “Moana Jr.” The “A Chance to Dance” fundraiser also came back after having to go virtual in 2020. There’s also a lot more on the horizon from the St. Joseph Performing Arts Association, the Saint Joseph Symphony and RRT.

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