Alonzo Weston

Since I’ve retired, I don’t get Downtown much. But a few weeks ago I did venture there to the Cafe Pony Expresso for a good cup of coffee.

When I left, who did I run into? None other than Bag-Head Jheri, the Messanie Street Philosopher.

I haven’t seen him since the election, so I’m sure he had plenty of knowledge to drop on me about that and other things.

“Hey Weston, hold up man,” Bag shouted at me from a block away.

I stopped and waited for him to catch up.

“What up, Bag?” I asked cordially.

“First off I heard you retired and thought to myself, ‘Retire in the middle of a pandemic? How dumb is that,’” Bag said“

Why was my retiring dumb? The pandemic had a lot to do with my decision,” I answered.

“You leaving at a time when lot of news still to be reported with the election and all too,” Bag said.

“How much reporting can I do when many places are still closed or not letting people in and then there’s social distancing,” I tried to reason.

“Still there’s something to write about with this election,” Bag shot back.

“What more can I say except Trump lost and Biden won,” I said.

“Listen, you don’t work for the Bradleys no more so you can write what you want,” Bag said.

“Even though the Bradleys supported Trump, they knew I was a liberal and did not deter me from writing what I felt,” I said. “Add some balance.”

“I thought there was gonna be a Civil War after Trump lost. His followers have lots of anger and guns — dangerous combination,” Bag said.

“There’s always been anger and guns,” I said.

“Yeah but too many people have that Civil War mentality again. Us ‘gainst them, North ‘gainst South, Black against white and a president who did little to denounce the hate,” Bag said.

“Well hopefully we’re through that now and America can heal and come together,” I said.

“Jest hope the damage 45 caused can be fixed. ‘Specially way he handled the pandemic, denouncing doctors and experts and holding big rallies and not wearing masks. He got the ‘Vid so you think he woulda learned, but no, still rushing full steam into stupidity,” Bag said.

“But wisdom prevailed,” I said.

“Did it? Still lot of stupidity left behind and still floating around,” Bag said.

“Do you think all of Trump’s followers are racist?” I threw out there.

“Naw man, I think some people liked his brashness and stand against the establishment. Personally, I think he acts like a snooty angry teenage girl,” Bag said.

“How could we go from a nation that elected a Black president to Trump? Gotta be some goodness still left,” I reasoned.

“Shoot, if Obama would done half the stuff this guy has done he would been lynched, especially if he would not leave the White house when he lost,” Bag said.

“Well, it’s a new day and another chance to make things right,” I said.

Alonzo Weston can be reached at Follow him on Twitter: @SJNPWeston.