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Daylight saving time ends this Sunday. Early Sunday morning, most of the United States will turn the clock back one hour and revert to winter time.

A woman who attended the same church our family did knew I was a news reporter. In a lame attempt to impress me or to show she was well-read and informed, the woman told me she got her news from the St. Joseph News-Press’ “It’s Your Call” column.

When I read earlier this week that some Missouri schools are bringing back corporal punishment, it brought back a rush of memories of my own and others’ experiences with paddling, strapping and spanking in school.

Driving past city hall Wednesday morning, I saw a large group of people holding up cardboard signs asking for help. Not unusual in this town where you see panhandlers on almost every major corner of the city.

With the passage of Proposition READ, which extends the current operational tax levy for the St. Joseph School District for close to 10 years, it appears at first glance that voters have finally moved past the scandal-ridden 2014 school district audit report.

On balmy summer evenings, I sit on my porch with a cold beer and a boom box playing jazz thinking about those hot dusty days of my youth.