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Growing up in Midtown in the 1960s and 1970s was a rewarding experience for a young kid. Influential and important people were our friends and neighbors.

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. On Jan. 27 each year the world remembers the tragic events during World War II when Nazi Germany killed millions of Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, gypsies, Soviet POWs, disabled people and Polish and Serbian citizens.

Now begins the cold, snowy trek through winter. As we know, the winter season actually began on Dec. 21 with the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. Astronomically speaking, that’s when the Tropic of Capricorn aligns directly with the sun, making it the day with the least amount of d…

Daylight saving time ends this Sunday. Early Sunday morning, most of the United States will turn the clock back one hour and revert to winter time.

A woman who attended the same church our family did knew I was a news reporter. In a lame attempt to impress me or to show she was well-read and informed, the woman told me she got her news from the St. Joseph News-Press’ “It’s Your Call” column.